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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Back to the Vet......

Rough night last night with Katie. She moaned and cried all night. Then she started coughing.  She ate and drank water this morning. I didn't get to spend too much time with her because C had an  appointment with his Orthopedist for release.
Got Tora and Bella settled in their kennels and gave Katie her meds, then made a bed for her in my chair. When we got to the Dr's., which is an hour away, we found out she was 1 1/2 hours behind. His appointment was scheduled for 11:30 am was not called into a room until 1:30 pm. She didn't actually get into the room until about 2, grrr.  At least I caught a nice little nap in the waiting room ;)
Once we got home we found out that Katie had been coughing most of the day. I figured it was irritation from the tubing  from surgery from the day before. She was hoarse and it seemed like her throat was sore. C insisted I call the vet and find out if the coughing was normal. I did and they said "bring her in now". OY! Between the time I hung up and we left, M noticed her throat was swollen. I couldn't figure it out because you would think it would be swollen on the side of the extraction, not her throat.  M drove Katie and I so I could hold Katie. She was still whimpering under her breath and tears were still falling from her eyes.
We arrived and after looking her over the Dr. said that there was a strain of  Kennel Cough going around that was resistant to both vaccines. She said anytime some one comes in with a cough they prescribe antibiotics. She felt the swelling in her throat was from the extraction. Since it was a molar (a large tooth) and that any drainage had settled down her throat. If the swelling isn't gone in a week I need to take her back. And that if there was an infection the antibiotic would take care of that too. Katie was also prescribed cough medicine which seems to be working because she hasn't coughed since taking it. 
Wishing for a better night tonight!


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