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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

We have been having the craziest weather ever. 
It get so cold at night, down to 20's - 30's.
We awake to a hard frost every morning.
 Now, that's the only normal part.
It then gets up to the high '60's - '70's during the day!
We have yet to have ANY rain!
The Governor has declared a drought. 
We have yet been told what that entails.
Everything is suffering.
I've lost several plants, even established ones.
See that brown shrub on the right in the picture below?
It's Lemon balm and about 5 years old. I'm hoping it will shoot up from the bottom come Spring.
 The frost sucks the life right out of the dehydrated plants.
Wilted and burnt they lay along the ground.

I know this is a anything Floral party, 
don't worry I won't disappoint ;)

Check out my Orchid. It has buds on it!!
This is the first time I haven't killed an Orchid, and believe me I have received so many as gifts.
I always feel so bad when they die.
 BUT I have figured out the secret... ignore it!
It has new growth along the old stems along with more buds.
It even has new leaves!
I usually forget to water it and even forget I have it sometimes. 
My faux Freesia kind of hides it ;)
This is what it looked like when my kids first gave it to me...
and soon will be blooming again, fingers crossed.

Since this is about the only flower I have in all my gardens
 The flowers are my dishes will have to do.
 I love this Rose table my daughter gave me.
 A few gorgeous floral images to share.


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