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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wind Blown Spring

With Spring here
(altho you'd never guess by the wind we've had all week!)
all that crosses my mind is gardening!
And not the kind of gardening you do to clean up after said wind!
As I sit here looking out the window
at things falling and flying thru the air,
it seems yard work is in order before
I can get started with all the projects I have in my head.
But before I can even do that everything needs a
thorough watering since my poor
plants are so wind whipped.
So since I'm stuck inside I wander around looking at everyone's gardens and how beautiful they look....
and develop more ideas (dangerous, I know) for projects.
Here are a few of my faves and
just plain cute ideas others have come up with.
Love using shutters in the garden
So Romantic !
Finally a way to use all those empty wine bottles!


So cute


So funny!

A Fairy Garden in on my to do list.
This chair is adorable!
 So sweet ♥
It seems someone up there seems to think
 I need to learn more patience.
My days have become busy with transporting T
back and forth to Physical Therapy.
He fell in the shower and wrenched his back,
throw Scoliosis in the mix
and you have pretty painful issues.
Then I was out of commission for a few days.
I tripped and fell ~ leading with my face of course!
My glasses broke not only themselves but my face too!
Cuts across my forehead, my nose swollen and purple,
bruised knees and I must have hit my right shoulder,
that has a torn rotator cuff on the way down,
because it's letting me know it's still there ...
yes, when I do it I do it good!
Can I tell you how fun it is when you have to
hold your glasses on just to see! NOT!
I've been needing new glasses for a while now,
this prescription just isn't cutting it,
everything was blurry even before the fall.
Maybe the fall was The Lords way of making me go in
for a check up and get new ones.
Only wish He had rained a little cash down on me
to be able to afford them easier!!



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