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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just a quick fly by today! Getting ready to take T to the Dr's Office to get paperwork then onto the hospital for T's Pre-op. 

Since we found out he was having surgery so quickly, we figured we bettter do the "major attack" prior to his surgery.

Our front tree now has a single trunk! yippee!
For years the city owned it and we weren't allowed to even trim it.
The poor economy hit and all of a sudden the tree was ours.
They came around one last time for pruning prior to releasing ownership, but ahem, someone wouldn't let them prune it.
Forward to yesterday and look at the pile we have ready for city pick up!

Yeh, we can barely move and have blisters but it was sooo worth it!
Plus no pruning for a few years...oh yeh ;)

Not much left blooming...
we've had temps to 105, so even if the plant wasn't done blooming,
it's fried!
This little Rockin' Robin is trying tho.

The Lantana is enjoying the heat, but it is lucky enough to be near the hose.

Even the Geraniums are suffering.

But Looky what my Pomegranite gave us!!!

Wishing all a glorious weekend!

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