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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who Let the Dogs Out!

B and T's pups came for a vacation at Grandma's recently.
Here's Carly...juts like her owner...a bucket head.
When B was a toddler he would find a bucket and
wear it on his head like a hat.
Ere go the nickname "bucket head".

I love the coloring of her feet..brown with black tops :)

Lily and Carly trotting down the path

Lily and Katie ~
You have a little something right there..no right t h e r e

In line at the watering hole

Katie getting up a little taller to eye level with the others

Cyndar has claimed Carly's bed....
good thing Carly doesn't mind sharing!

Up and looking for action!

Carly getting Lily and Cyndar trying to get in the act

Carly and Cyndar "mouthing" each other. LOL

Cyndar loves to play put poops out fast

Yup, she's done
Poor old lady ;)

Down for the count!

Until the next time they come to visit ;)


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