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Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary! and Update

Can you believe it has been 1 year already since B and T got married??
 Time flies!

Hmm...at the wedding they were so careful to make it in each others mouth without making a mess....guess a lot changes in a year! LOL

There was  a celebration at their place and a good time was had by all...once the keg taping was figured out! LOL

Good food, good drinks and good times...
which included 3 Man and Beer Pong..
ah.. the younger crowd :)

what more could you ask for?

Actually another blessing happened.
Not too long ago I posted that their Doberman puppy had parvo.
Well, with out patient care, holistic treatment and all the TLC the pup could stand she has made a full recovery!
Yes, Carly is as happy as a pup can be
and so are we!!

Lily is estatic to have a new sister.
For the party Carly was tied out, she hasn't completed her training yet.
But she's a smart one. She would get Lily all tangled in the rope so she couldn't leave! Those two...I see a lot of mischief in those eyes! LOL


  1. Hi Deb, time does fly, doesn't it? A whole year already...gosh. What a beautiful cake and a happy couple.

    So glad to hear all is well with you!


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