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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Garden Flowers

Well, I'm glad to report we have gotten some cooler weather this last week...a much needed break from the heat we were getting so early in the season.
Of course, the plants are a little confused...seems to becoming a "usual pattern" as of late. You never know from one day to the next what Mother Nature has in store. But mind you, I am NOT complaining about the cooler weather!

Let's wander and see what we see in my gardens this week...

Pomagranites ! 
Lots compared to the single one I got last year!

It's tripled in size in one year :)

As always, the Cherry Plum is weighed down by all it's fruit

The Thompson Seedless Grapes are coming along nicely also.
My Rose of Sharon is in bloom
as is a few of the wild Roses...
but most of the others have bloomed out.
Time for jam making, the Figs are ripening fast

My 5 in 1 Apple is covered with fruit...
the most I've seen on it in a long time.

The Cannas are starting to bloom

I am glad to report I've kept my Hydrangeas 
alive and they are blooming!

A few flowers I never have to even think about are:
 my Hollyhocks.
Hardy, drought resistant and they reseed themselves freely

Same with the Statice
Nectarines (my rescue) aren't as abundant as last year,
wonder why?

Ending with a photo of my Water Lilies in bloom

Wishing all a wonderful gardening weekend!


  1. Your garden is so lovely! I just love all the fruit you have growing :)

  2. So many fruits... lucky you! Larry

  3. I am green with envy.....what great fruit, you better get canning and freezing....make lotsa jam!!! You are truly blessed......

  4. Your flowers and fruit are gorgeous! Wow--your grapes are much further along than mine, but I'm in the Pacific Northwest where it's been cold and rainy so far this year. Every time I've seen pictures of your fig, it so makes me want to add a fig somewhere in my garden--they're big, so am thinking of doing an espaliered one maybe along the veggi garden. Take care, and have a great weekend!

  5. Oh My Goodness! You have so much fruit!! That is awesome! I'm jealous. :) What an amazing garden.

    Thank you for joining in for Fresh-Cut Friday! :)


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