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Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for Pinning ♥

I'm joining Courtney and Kimberly 

for their "Pinning Party" .
Come join!

Realizing that Easter was closer than I thought,
 my mind turned to little remembrance gifts I could make for loved ones.
But along the way, as you will see, I got a little sidetracked
and veered toward decorations.
oops ;)

These would make for a cheerful little gift.
Love the fabric they've chosen, it's perfect

Every time I see this I have to laugh.
It's so darn cute and clever!
My fave BTW ♥♥

These little basket bowls would be so simple to make.
Great way to recycle paper too.

Wouldn't these be cute for place tags?
then each person could take their's home.

OMG!! Who of us dosen't have a ton of paint chip cards?
I know I do. This banner looks so Eastery in all the Springtime colors.
Another way to recycle too. 

We can't forget the Easter Bunny in all of this!
Isn't she a doll!


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