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Friday, December 2, 2011

Working on More Gifts...shhhh

Creating and finishing Christmas gifts,
 as well as doing the same for the Etsy Shop,
 has me running in circles lately.
Just when I think I've started (and maybe even finished some) projects,
more pop in my head...yes the race is on!

I'm pretty safe showing this one...
C never looks at my blog (here's hoping he doesn't start now)

He loves pocket watches.
My Dad always carried one so I think that's where he gets his fascination for them.
He has started quite a little collection.
He even received a gorgeous engraved one from his counselor
when he graduated from High School.

So what do you make a guy who loves pocket watches???
Need a few thinking caps for this one.

I had this new clock in my Treasure Pile.
 Yes, it was destined for a project but
that was so long ago I've forgotten what it was.
Does this happen to you too?

So I decided to make him a wall clock that resembles a huge pocket watch.

First I dissembled it.

I realized I needed something for the bail and winding knob.

I took apart one of my Dad's old pocket watches and
used the frame for the bail.
Then found a wooden bead that would work for the knob.

I found some gold spray paint in the garage and coated all the parts.
(byw, how do you like my painting booth?)

(my glitter station)

Hey, we are a high class operation here!
But I still can't figure out why it looks like the Glitter Fairy ran through my house? hmm

A little E6000, more gold paint for the black chain and fob
and here we have.....

a wall clock that resembles a pocket watch.
I just hung it on a wall for the photos,
 the chain-clock are not properly spaced,
but you can get the idea.

I added "Newton Clocks" to the face.

Hoping he likes it :)

The others will have to wait until after Christmas
since they come in here from time to time.

But I might be able to give a peek or two.... ;)

I still have more to make,
so off to get busy!



  1. That is truly a wonderful thought. You have really did an excellent job on the remake. He will love and treasure this gift.

  2. Super, duper cute!! Truly brilliant. Good work Mom... :)

  3. I think that was a wonderful idea! sandie

  4. Deb, you are just too smart! That was a great idea and it turned out beautifully. How did you put the your name on it. He really is going to love it.

    OX's...Tracy :)

  5. Tracy,
    re. the name on the clock...printed it out, used a pair of those fancy cutting scissors to cut it out and glued it on...blends pretty well. Looks like a brand tag. LOL

  6. I love this! You did a great job on this redo! Oh, I may need to steal this idea! Thank you for joining TTF and have a great day! Oh, and I am going to feature it on this weeks TTF!

  7. This is so cute!!! Great job. Happy VTT!

  8. What a great idea! You creative thing, you! He will be thrilled!

  9. I love what you did and it is a wonderful gift idea for your special guy. So clever. I am sure Christmas is a wonderful time with your lovely handmade gifts of love.
    Hugs. Jeanne


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