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Monday, December 12, 2011

What I Decided With THAT Window......

The continued saga of frugal decorating...

Well, I decided on something a little different for 'that'window'.
I just couldn't bare to remove the beautifully rusty screen...
(why? I don't know, I'm weird)

So I have placed my beautiful screen door behind Minnie
for a contrasting back drop.

Yes, her name is Minnie, Minnie Quin.
And yes, she is a cousin to the famous Manny Quin
 that Rose is/was married to on Three and a Half Men.

As you remember this is the crack I've been working on trying to hide.
I came across a remedy on the net and figured it was worth a try.

It called for:
1 Tablespoon salt
1 teaspoon bug spray
1 Tablespoon rubbing Alcohol 1/2 cup water

Mix well and use sponge to coat crack.
Let dry and repeat as necessary.

I know this sounds crazy but it was on several different sites.
I really didn't expect it to make the crack disappear,
especially where there is a small piece of glass missing,
but had hoped that maybe it would minimize the cracks.
After 10 coats this is what it looked like and I gave up.


What had really been driving me crazy
 was the graveyard of all the dead bugs that were between the panes.
eewwwww to the max!
No matter what I tried
(through that small piece of missing glass)
I could not remove them.

SO I took a deep breath and decided to remove the broken pane.
Our neighbor had done it and it turned out OK.
Of course his was an outside pane, but still.

It's already broken right and one day will need to be replaced
but until then...

There was a rubber gasket/seal/thingy holding it in place.
I grabbed my beading pliers and started pulling.

I removed just enough of the rubber to pull out the bottom broken sections of the glass.
I had the intention to remove the whole pane but chickened out  :`(
I then taped all the edges of the remaining glass with clear packaging tape...the only inconspicuous way I could think of to cover the sharp edges.

But the most exciting things is no more dead bugs!!!

On to the new idea....

I found an old screen
(my son rescued it from a friends basement when they were cleaning it out)
in my Treasure Pile.
The screen was still pretty much in tact, but loose and little fragile.
It didn't have any big holes in it like the screen door did.
I think those big holes are what didn't jive with the window?
Anyway, I took a very old lace tablecloth
(that has had many lives since I've had her...
table cloth, console runner, pillow cover, etc)
and attached it to the back of the screen.
I love it!
And I even did it neatly enough
so it doesn't look icky when outside looking in!

I also covered the blinds with a similar style old lace tablecloth.
I gathered it here and there for a 'messy casual' look.
I had a stained pink striped damask tablecloth in my stash
that I've been waiting for just the right project for.
I decided to drape it over a vintage wooden hanger.
Stains folded inside and unnoticeable,
while clothes pins hold it in place.

I love how the laced screen just covers the broken glass area.
It doesn't take up the whole window,
 like the screen door did,
so more light can come in.
It's hard to see the pattern of the lace but it looks great.

Best of all, this screen still had the brackets on it from the basement.
So I was able to bring it to the edge of the window sill and
attach it to the wall.
Making it 'stand on it's own'
and not interfere with the opening and closing of the sliding window.

One little section at a time.

It will eventually all come together  



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