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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Adult Sippy Cups

Yup, you heard me right...adult sippy cups...
or like I like to call them,
Lightening Travel Mugs :)

I have to admit, the original idea wasn't mine.
I found it on pinterest.
Don't you just love that site!!

Cute huh??
Handy huh??
$14 each uh uh :(

I thought "I can make those!"
So I set about to do so.

Rings and lids, yep.
Rubber grommets, yep
Drilling the holes the right size......
lets just say it was a good thing I had a bunch of lids :l
Insert grommet, yep

Nice clean quart mason jars
(these were Mom's)
Note: If you want these to fit in your car cup holders use pints.
Pints wouldn't last us very long...
I guess we're guzzle guts...who knew?

Enter son T,
who once saw my holes,
promptly drilled yet another set...
OK OK, he did do a much better job.
Props T!

One of the reasons I thought these were so great,
aside from the obvious,
was they could be used for either cold or hot drinks.

My only concern was to be able to hold it,
should you use it for a hot beverage COFFEE.
I had a recent experience with a travel mug
that I filled with hot coffee then couldn't hold the darn thing!

But I had a light bulb moment.
(Let me tell ya they don't happen as often as they used to)

A jar cozy, yep that's what I needed.
One I could do in a hurry and didn't involve sewing.

Enter two felted wool sweaters.
These too, had been intended for another project also.
At least I remember what it was with these...wool felting...
but it never made it to fruition.
Since that was about 5 or so years ago,
 I thought it safe to use them for this.

Slide your jar in through the neck opening and down the sleeve, open end first.
See how the cuff of the sleeve fits around the neck of the jar?
Now, just cut the sleeve off at the bottom of the jar.
After it's cut you can trim it neater, if necessary.

There ya go!
We've already used them and they work great!!
And hold a lot too.

Filled with hot coffee,
 they were perfect for a cold morning of Craft Fairing.
Great hand warmers too!

The condensation from cold drinks gets absorbed by the cozy.
No more slippery, drippy cups.

We have just about a 2 - 2 1/2 hr drive to visit my Sister and Hubby.
No more stops for coffee or soda.
Bring our own and save that money!



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