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Friday, September 30, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

At my last routine Dr's visit I mentioned my left breast had been aching
I figured I would be required to get another mammogram to see what was going on.
I had surgery in this breast when I was a Senior in High School due to a lump, but all was OK.
It was a benign cyst.

But much to my amazement he did an EKG.
I told him it wasn't my heart, I just had an ache in my breast.
He said "humor me"
I could have dropped dead when he said my EKG was abnormal
and I needed to see a

I had the big C on my mind not heart problems.
Needless to say I was shocked, then concerned.
I told him I was too young and why would I, of all people,
have any trouble with my heart?
Heart problems weren't in my family,
Cancer was.

He said with all the years of severe stress I had been through
that it has probably taken a toll on my heart.

Yes, I have been diagnosed with PTSD but my heart??
OK, now from concerned to scared.

But after what happened the other day,
I know I will be OK....

While waiting at a stop light (in the big city)
the kids and I heard a sonic boom!
Or at least that's what it sounded like
(does anyone remember those?)
The van shook like we were having an earthquake,
 like someone had dropped a humongous boulder on the roof!

After catching our breath,
 T said the big rig that had just turned by us had blown a tire.
OMG! I think we were deaf for the next hour!

We stopped at a store and while there
an employee dropped a pallet.
I jumped about a mile!
OK is someone trying to give me a heart attack!!??

But I was fine...shaky but fine, we all were.
So I figure if those louder than loud noises
 didn't do any detrimental damage to me I was gonna be OK.

So while October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
lets not forget our hearts too!!

BTW, I see the Cardiologist on Monday ;)



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