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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Etsy Cottage Style Cottage Colors Party!

Etsy Cottage Style 

This month's color are browns...chocolate, caramel, coffee, toffee, tea...
did ya notice right away my mind goes to candy and caffeine?
What can I say? ;)

My favorite brown is my Grandmother's Tea Pot.
She used to use this iridescently dark chocolate pot to heat her water in.
Perfect for one cup of Tea.

No that's not steam coming out of the spout.... 

It's the tip of Fox's tail I found while on a walk in the woods
in Kodiak Alaska while we lived there.
yeh, it may be gross to you, but it's a Treasure to me.
AND it's brown too!! LOL

A friend of mine was going to toss these beautiful frames.
I grabbed them, of course!

To the caramel frame I added a photo of me...

To the weathered brown frame I added a photo of my sister

Too Sweet!
xoxoxo sis!



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