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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall in the Garden...No Really I fell in the Garden.....

Garden parties this week:

Fishtail Cottage

Tootsie Time

No I didn't get hurt...
maybe my pride....
but I was by myself so that was good.

I was tugging on a Sunflower that need to be pulled.
I'd been working at it for a bit when I gave it one big heave
and I did a Jack from Jack and Jill.
Yup, head over heels!
I won tho! LOL
The Tomatoes are still producing
albeit slower.

The ones on the left are Sweet 100
on the right is a Heirloom Variety called
Black Cherry.
I picked up the plants at a Plant Sale in the Spring.

Last night T and I heard a thud thud thud...
I opened up the curtains to find a Dove banging
 it's head on the patio roof. 
It just couldn't find it's way out...
the roof isn't that big but every time it got to
an edge would turn around.

One time it hit really hard and fell to the ground.
T and I went out to check it.
Poor thing was dazed.
There was no way we could just leave it sit there,
wouldn't be safe with all the neighborhood cats around at night.
T picked it up and set it in the Silk Tree (Mimosa). 

T got the camera and snapped a few shots.
It was very calm...
or maybe I should say dazed.

It stayed for a few hours then left.

It must have gotten disoriented and confused.
But all better and back with the family


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