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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Fine Feathered Friends

Every morning I wake up to Mocking Birds singing.
I love it!

The other day I heard a strange gravely peeping.
I looked out the bedroom window and
saw Mama Mocking Bird feeding her baby...
on the chaise lounge in the Gazebo!

I was so excited!!
I grabbed my camera and quietly snuck out and
over behind a bush to take photos.

Mama was gone, of course, but baby was still there.
I don't know if it knew I was there or not
but it sure made itself down right comfy.
I waited for Mama to come back.

She never did and I was wondering where she had went.
Then I realized she and Papa were watching from the neighbors roof. LOL
Sorry the pics are that great..darn sun.

Then I heard a buzzz by my ear!
It was one of the Humming Birds that frequent the Honeysuckle.
It landed and perched on the Silk Tree.

He didn't stay long enough for me to get a better photo.

I'm hoping to have the time to just sit,
relax and enjoy the garden this week.
Hoping to see more action too


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