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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Butterfly is Free!

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Fishtail Cottage

Tootsie Time

When I got up the other morning I heard a fluttering
and saw this little guy between the window and screen.
Needless to say,
I HAD to get a photo before I rescued him. 
I safely took him outside where he flew away happily

We have had rain off and on over the past week.
I think the Sun is ready to go to work now.

The Impatiens in the bird cage are doing well.
Won't be long until they sneak through the bars. 

Lots of things are in bloom,

including the Pond Iris and the old Rose behind it.

The Sweet Peas reseed themselves all over.
You never know where they will pop up...
I love that!

Feverfew in full bloom.

A Rose that I can't remember where I got it from....hmm
Pretty tho

A Lavender Trumpet Vine my sister and her husband
gave me a few Easters ago.

I love the delicate color.

Apple Blossom Carpet Roses

My kiddos gave me a beautiful bulb basket for Mother's Day.
They weren't all quite open so I set them outside for a couple days.

Where they opened beautifully!
Thank you!

Yes, we have been having mild weather...
just right for relaxing in the warmth of the Sun

or napping on the deck.

With this cheerful photo I will bid adieu and

wish all a Wonderful and Happy Holiday Weekend!


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