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Thursday, April 14, 2011

One of the Projects in my Head...Finally Done!

This is something I've been wanting to do for a very long time, but you know how it is...things get pushed into the background.

I love the little solar lights that Walmart has. They are so inexpensive!
I've used them along the front walk
and along the walkway in the backyard too.
They even have spot lights that I've installed.
LOL Installed...just stick them in the ground,
making sure they will receive sun, of course, and that's it!

Anyway, on to my project.
This was a "use what I have project"...
meaning I didn't have to buy anything!

I have my Mom's old pressure cooker for canning.
It's been in the garage for a few years, but don't want to get rid of it (too sentimental). I'm not sure how to use it but I noticed the "basket" on the inside.

I saw this somewhere but can't remember where.
Please forgive me and if it's you let me know so I can give you credit.

Now this basket holds the mason jars you're canning.
I love mason jars and have tons from both sides of my family.

When you remove the top part of the solar light from the stand,
 it "fits" pretty well inside the screw rings for the jars.
I had a few of the lights leftover from the walkway,
and my light bulb lit.

I had a can of hammered copper spray paint left from another project

I painted the rings, so they would better match the lights.

I glued the lights to the rings.
I plan to keep this "chandy"
here during the day so the lights can absorb
as much sunlight as possible.

(ignore my crooked wooden lid)

One thing I forgot...
I needed chain!

Luckily I found some in the garage in my stash.
I then wove bailing wire (from my stash from the farm)
in and out of it to make it stronger and to make a hook at the top
so I'd be able to hang it.

I've been wanting just subtle lighting in the gazebo
and this fits the bill perfectly. 

When needed I just grab the chandy as I walk along the walkway 
 to the gazebo and hang it up.


Not to bad huh?...
didn't cost anything to make,
doesn't cost anything to run,

And when not needed in the gazebo it helps light the walkway.
Those lights further down are more solar lights that are in the ground.

Check off one of my to do's ☺☺
Now only 9,485 to go.

How about some gratuitous garden photos ;)

Hey, I got Petunias in my calf buckets!
I just transplanted them so leaving them here for a few days
before I hang them back on the fence.

Most of my Lilacs are in bloom

the Roses are beginning

baby Grapes

Apple Blossoms

I love Forget-me knots.
They reseed so readily and always bloom so well.
Love the color and how they fill in gaps for me ;)

the Freesias are starting to bloom,
they smell so good.

Cherry Blossoms

The Redbud is full of sweet tiny purplish red blooms

I was surprised to see this Browelia blooming,
I forgot it was even there.

a Fairy Ring?
 Weird how the Yarrow reseeded in a circle.
Cranesbill blooming next to it.

Ah, a sea of Baby Tears....
it engulfs everything in the winter,
then come the summer heat,
 it retreats back into the shade of the front arbor.

Wishing everyone a great week!


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