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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sunny Skies and Bird Song

Please join me over at Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday
and see what's happening in our blog friends gardens  

We have been having some gorgeous weather
and all the fruit trees are exploding
and the birds are singing their hearts out!

** warning...this post is photo laden **
couldn't help myself ;)

The Nectarine we rescued from our new neighbor
who was going to throw it away.

Such pretty pink blooms

When he ripped it out he broke some branches and I'm still trying to shape it.
One of my Rosemary's showing off it's stuff in front.

This is a Cherry Plum "sucker" from my Sister.
it was about 12" when I first received it.

Look at the gorgeous blue sky!

It is totally covered in blooms!

A branch spray over the pond

My blooming Cherry Tree 'Glacier'

It makes for a great shade tree for the backyard.
I have a fruiting Cherry in the front garden
which is much younger. Pics of it later.

The bulbs are bursting in front too ♥

The fragrance is delish as you walk by when the sun hits them

A few Daffodils among the trailing Rosemary

My Poor Man's Orchid (Berginia) is so happy this year!

Grape Hyacinths

I found this great little solar security light at Walmart for $10.
It's all adjustable and works fabulous!
I had a dark corner in front that none of my lights hit,
so this is perfect.

They have all sorts of different designs in solar garden lights this year.
I fell in love with these at $3 each!

A nice inexpensive way to light up the front for security reasons.


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