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Monday, March 7, 2011

I'm A Grandma.....

Brandon and Tanya adopted a German Shepard mix puppy
a couple days ago.
I have a grand fur baby!

This is Lily ♥

She's such a little sweetheart.
But she's already had to go to the ER.
She was saying "hello" to their cat and
took a swipe to the eye,
which went through 2 of the 3 layers 
but the cornea is OK.
Just need to watch it and apply antibiotics
to it. 

She's a Daddy's Girl

Tanya's parents, brother and Tracy came over and we had a BBQ.

Cyndar wanted to play with Lily, but she's a little big..
besides Lily's eye she has stitches from being spayed.
Cyndar's excitement was just too enthusiastic.

Linda, (Tanya's Mom) and TJ danced up a storm!

Thank for BBQing Tanya!
Linda was singing for their music.

We had such a great time!

Bailey turns her back on Lily...
"don't tell me you're bringing another one home?"
No Bailey, she's just visiting :)

Lily chewing on her toy...

think shes pretending it's the cat who scratched her??


I received an award!
This one is from Maggie from The White Farm House.
Thank you Mags!!

Now I have to list 7 things you don't know about me.

Let's see....

1. I can't swim. Believe me, I've tried. I think some people are just not meant to know how...My sister, who can't swim agrees, with me on this one! ;)

2.  My kids used to call me "Chyna of the Court", as in Chyna from wrestling and we live in a court.  When we moved into this house in 1994 there was no landscaping. I used  railroad ties and bricks from the farm to do the hardscaping. They couldn't believe how much I could lift and move. LOL

3. Easter is my favorite Holiday. Everything is new and fresh, like a new beginning and anything is possible.

4. I love to watch all the paranormal shows on TV.

5. The older I get the less I like to cook.
Can you have cooking burnout?

6. I've always wanted red hair,
ever since my sister put her red wig on me when I was little.
She had and still has a friend who has red hair and I love it...and her.

7. I can wiggle my ears!
Yep, I'm one talented lady! LOL 

There ya have it!

Now I need to choose 10 blogger to pass the award onto.

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OK ladies, time to write a post with 7 things about you.
Then pass it on to 10 bloggers.

Have fun!


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