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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lots of driving lately.......

* Warning *
Picture laden post ;)

Seems lately we've been burning up Hwy 140 to get to Merced.
We have Drs and counselors there, about an hour each way.
Anyway, I thought I would take some photos
of the "sights" along this old 2 lane highway.

Joseph Gallo Bear Creek Ranch is along the way.

This is where Gallo makes their cheese.

I wasn't able to get a photo of the house and I really wanted to show it to you, so found one on line. It is gorgeous!

"Surrounded by large old willow and cottonwood trees, this original turn-of-the-century farmhouse became the home office of Joseph Farms."
This is Kesterson Wildlife Refuge.
In the winter it fills up with water.

As you can see, we've had our share of rain this year,

which is very good because we have several dry years.
With the snow melting in the mountains, we're told the level will rise more.
In fact we are to receive more rain tomorrow. 
During the summer the land is dry.

that line of things sticking up out of the water
 are the tops of the fence posts

Lots of farms dot both sides between Gustine and Merced.

Wide open pastures make my heart sing ♥

This is the time of year new orchards go in

Horses graze...

Cattle too.

I always wonder why they painted just the top portion
of the roof on this barn red.

The first owners that built this house made it a grand one.
They have since moved on.
The next owners let it go and for the last few years its sat abandoned.

White Crane Ranch boasts 188 acres of Almonds

Young Almond trees

West Coast Turf Sod Farm 
They must have just planted,
not sure if you can see the sprinklers going.

Ah, here's an older field.
West Coast Turf supplies sod for Rose Bowl Stadium.

corner fruit stand

Need a place to stable your horse?

abandoned out buildings

This little house looks so lonely

This home caught fire and was abandoned

Cherry Stables
Horse Boarding

Look at the size of those tires at their entry!

I love to look at all the old barns ♥

Getting closer to home now....
on Hwy 33

The lady who lives here is ususlly in her garden.
She has a glorious rose garden to the right of her house  

Back in the day, this farm used to belong to my Dad's Uncle,
 who was also his Godfather.

This stucco house with the shrubs reminds me of my home when I was little.
In kindergarten when your told to draw your house,
do you know how hard it is to draw a white house?!

This is a neat old multi-level house

China Island Wildlife Area

The buildings you see is the F&A Dairy Factory here in Newman

You can see how the housing developmnets
have been built right up to farms.

Isn't this a cute house?
It's across the street from the farm above.


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