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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's New this Week?

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I did manage to stop in our new Thrift here in town.
I was kind of disappointed, although it was what I expected.
A somewhat OK variety of items but higher prices.

I did find 2 items for a decent price.

I thought this faux stone Angel shelf would look cute in the gazebo.
It weighs a ton but I love the old sandy look of it.
It had some nicks on it so I got it for 75 cents.

This little faux ivy topiary is going into the gazebo too, 50 cents. 

There were some other items there I would have liked to get but the prices weren't copacetic to my wallet. :)
No worries.....

I even put these where I wanted them...
boy, am I on top of things or what??!!

See the Angel hanging on the Gazebo?
After mixing some craft paint together and covering up the nicks in it,
I got it hung up by making an "S" hook out of old bailing wire ;)
My Antique Weeping peach is blooming it's head off!
See my vintage bunny peeking out?
I'm adding things to hide that ugly pot my Hydrangea is in,
the Ivy Topiary helped, you can see it peeking in the bottom left corner  ;)

I'm happy with them


  1. Deb, your treasures are wonderful finds. Love the gazebo angel ... you have that special decorating touch ...
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    FUN NEW GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

  2. I think you scored with that angel. It's awesome.

  3. love that you used it in your Gazebo! It looks very natural there! The cherub I mean! LOL

  4. You always find the best little treasures Deb!
    Happy Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  5. Your angel is am amazing find and the price is miraculous. If it weighs a ton I hope you are careful what you place under it.
    I am impressed that you buy it, fix it, and place it in such a short time. My treasures tend to roll around the living room for a bit bfore I get to them.
    Maybe you will inspire me to do better.

  6. Nice finds!!! Hey paint that container if you don't like it and glue some moss from the craft store around the top...viola! new container.

  7. The angel is a great find!!~

  8. it doesn't get much better than thriftin, junkin and gardening!!! I want that angel! Great post today...thanks for linking in this week!

  9. Oh, I love your things--I am so wanting to see spring in my flower beds again--pretty posting!

  10. Hi Deb!
    Well, I love both of your finds this week! And they were both a great price. I am so impressed that you even put them where you wanted to so quickly! Way to go! Thank you for joining me for TTF! I hope you e having a wonderful weekend!

  11. You found two items that you could repair and that worked for you. You placed them so nicely, and they look fantastic. Great work!!


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