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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Valley is Alive.....

with the sight of blooms!
(Hwy 33 between Crows Landing and Patterson)

and the sounds of Bees!
(the white boxes are Bee boxes)

Beautiful Apricot Trees

as far as the eye can see

after all Patterson is the Apricot Capital of the World

New trees just planted

New railroad ties have been put in place leaving these old ones up for grabs.
Some are still in pretty good shape.
Great for landscaping.

Love seeing the old barns along the way...

No, that's not a canal but a huge puddle.
We've had our share of rain,
but we really need it so can't complain. 

Some horses enjoying the Spring Sun.

Just happened to see a plane comming in as we return to town.
It's turning around to land.

Sorry missed him landing....
I had to watch the cars...
yes I was driving ;)


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