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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Santa Cruz...part 2, The Lighthouse

The Santa Cruz Lighthouse has been through many difficulties, changes
and moves over the last 140+ years.

It's much smaller than the Monterey Lighthouse we toured last year.

But it still has a lot of interesting history.

It now serves as the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum 

The only part of the Lighthouse you can see in the main floor.
All else is closed off.

This lighthouse was built as a Memorial  when in 1965 eighteen-year-old Mark Abbott drowned while surfing near the point. His parents used the insurance money to build a brick lighthouse near the site of the old light. "Our family had always loved lighthouses, so we decided it was the best thing to do."  The lighthouse was completed in 1967.

It is crammed to the rafters and beyond with Surfing Memorabilia.

"Shark Attacks"

Old photos and signs

Surfing Champions

All types and sizes of surf boards.

''Surfing 1930's and '40's''

''The 1950's''

''The 1960's''

''The 1970's''

''The 1980's''

''The 1990's''

It has a beautiful area for sitting and watching the ocean.


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