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Friday, February 25, 2011

Santa Cruz...part 1, The Boardwalk

The next thing we wanted to do was to go see the Santa Cruz Lighthouse.
Remember Dawn loves Lighthouses

We hit the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk first.
Since it was Becci, Zander and Wrenee's first time to Cali
they had never seen the ocean before or felt the sand on the beach.
There's not much of that in Wyoming ;)

Their first experience with sand...

I don't want to move Grandma!

Zander loved it...Wrenee not so much... 

Yay, we took a step!

They eventually made it to the water.

a view of the coast line

Coming back..
now she doesn't want to leave!

looking for shells...

Hi Zander!

Off to catch Zander!

Sorry no snacks for you today :(

Got'em both!

We walked along the Boardwalk,
which is mostly geared for older children.

But was still fun to experience.

Til next time Boardwalk ♥


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