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Friday, October 8, 2010

Huh? say What??

We received a very interesting piece of mail the other day.

Now keep in mind we bought this house new back in 1994
and are the only ones that have ever lived here.

The only ones to have ever had this address.

Look who this is addressed to....

umm, yeh

we don't use Verizon

this number isn't familiar at all

I haven't seen any unfamiliar faces around the house

I've asked the family who invited him

they assure me none of them did

My address has been blocked to protect the innocent


  1. LOL ...verrrrrry interesting. I smell something not quite right there somewhere...but it is a good story. Maybe you could forward that on to him? LOL.
    We keep getting OPM's too (other peoples mail) and have lived here eleven years. Someone is using our address to have bills sent to.


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