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Monday, October 4, 2010

♪ Heaven..I'm in Heaven ♪

.....I'm still swooning over all the great finds I snagged Friday and Saturday!!
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Just look at the weekend haul!!!

Friday I had to run to the Store for milk and
just happened to notice there was
a Yard Sale in the older part of town, where all the bestest goodies are.
And as usual, it didn't disappoint ♥♥

It was held by 2 older ladies and it was so neat and tidy.
Very well organized, with awesome prices!

I snagged:

faux plant $1, vintage baby planter .10, the stuff inside it was free, 
yellow and blue toile dish .25, handmade bunny $1, 3 working windowsill holiday lights .50, metal carrier .10, snowman head .10, old yellow scoop .50,
3 frames .10 each, kitschy chicken plaque free. 

The had all their clothes on hangers on racks sorted by size.
I found 3 tops .50 each, 2 Capri's outfits $2 each.
All freshly laundered and smelling fab!

The best sale I've been to in a long time!!!

On Saturday one of the local Churches had it's annual rummage sale.
They usually have it in the Spring and
when it didn't show up this year I had a HUGE panic attack!!
This is by far the one I look most forward to each year,
so I was ecstatic to see it in the paper.

Here's the goodies from there:

a Smokey the Bear Poster .10
I grabbed it for the amazing graphics!
Lots of birds and nests with eggs, cool!

This had to be one of the best buys for the weekend.
$5 for this shutter room divider,
in immaculate condition too!

several glass thingies that can become cloches .25 each,
vintage Vicks Vapo-rub jar...(love the blue).10,
free milk glass oil lamp bottom, milk glass vase .25,
quit sampler .10, 2 bundles of faux flowers .20 each.

vintage cobbler apron (my Mom used to make and wear these) .50
Victorian Christmas tree .50, framed needlepoint .50, 7 blue napkins .25,
doily .25, vintage Tupperware .50, Sees Candy holder .10, baby shoes .50, Santa earrings .10, religious verse cards .50, 3 frames .10 -.25 each,
tiny ceramic basket with the sweetest Pansy on the front .10

metal candle stick .20, jade plant .50, dove and raccoon .25 each,
old rusty loaf pan .10, a handle from a cane??? .25, vintage acrylic salt and pepper shaker .25, pair vintage Lefton China ashtrays .50 each,
corkscrew/bottle opener/pocket knife .10 

These even have the Lefton paper tags on them!

Some old books and a newer one .25 each,
vintage Alta Coffee Jar .25, picket fence plant holder .25,
and that handle thingy again ;)

a bag of ribbon and trim .25, a bag of lace .25,
2 bags of stamps .20 each.

Some will get makeovers, some will go directly into my Shop....
once I take out the Treasures I want ;)

Great haul, huh!!!??? 

And that's not all of it...
I'll wait and share the rest next week!


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