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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paul Bunyan's Farm

Thought I give you a little peek at "The Estate Sale".

Yes, Of course I went!!

I was excited but sad too.
It reminded me of when we had my parents.
So many people looking through your stuff...
inside the double barn, tool shop, house and yard.
We heard that the husband had passed away and
 the wife was in the hospital with a feeding tube.
Sad at how they built this farm up and
now it was being all sold off.

When I saw people leaving with items that I would have been interested in,
 I pushed aside my feelings and let the excitement take over.

Yee haw!!

Tools, tools and more tools.
It was like a museum.

Some were huge!
Must have been Paul Bunyan's!

This could have been his Axe

wheels for Babe's cart...

I could not even lift the one in the middle...
it was longer than my arm!

compare the size of these with the guy's shoe
in the upper left corner....

excuse my pictures...they are from my phone ;)

l o n g . . .

how cool is this pitch fork?!

Now for what I bought......

that will be in my next post ;)

Well, I need to take photo's of it!

Ok Ok just a sneak peak.....



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