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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gusty Winds and Veggies

It's Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time.

I was so upset, frustrated and downright depressed
last week that I missed Fertilizer Friday.

We had such strong gusty winds for several days.
my Cecil Brunner Arch went from this:

to this:

When the wind finally died down,
 friends and I were able to get it back up
and anchored to a 10' metal stake
that was driven into the ground.

The Rose seemed no worse for wear,
the arch on the other hand had some split boards,
but I think the Rose will hold it together for now.

I took a big sigh of relief until I turned and saw....

half of my Orange Tree was broken :(

I finished cutting the branch off
and then saw a tiny Orange on the branch that was left.
This is one of the trees we rescued when the house was sold next door.

Now the question...
should I leave the Orange on it or
remove it due so it can recover from the damage?



I thought I'd share my oldest Son's veggie garden.
It's his first and looks great!

My Dad always had a huge veggie garden...
Papa would be proud Brandon ;)

Zucchini, String Beans...



Butternut Squash....

Tomatoes and Peas...

even a few Beets! Yummo!

OK OK... I have to share this.

The place they are renting has this old water feature
...it is gorgeous!

Can't you just see it in it's full glory?
with fish swimming inside?

The pump actually worked at one time.
Yes, it needs lots of work but
I bet it was gorgeous in it's day.

Love the Petunia on top ;)


Here's my veggie contributions for the week..

Our first Cherry Tomatoes :):)

But more are on the way!

It's finally turned hot here so all the veggies are happier.

Lots of baby fruit too....


Nectarines (another rescue)

Cherry Plums

Granny Smith Apples

Thompson Seedless Grapes

mmmm, my mouth is watering!!

Now Hop to it and see everyones gardens over at Tootsie's!


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