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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update in Front Gardens

Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie Time
be sure to pop over and see everyone's gardens

The front garden is comming along nicely.
From ridding the lawn that I mentioned here.
It's 3 years old now.
Thought I'd show before and after pictures.


to no lawn!!!

The Paths go in..

~the first year~

Time to plant...
I put in some perenials and bulbs
with annuals for color
water orb is added (rocks left of photo)

~the second year~

more planting of perenials
added a Pomergranite and Beauty Bush
last years plants are bigger

~this year~

everything is filling in nicely
still adding more plants
Cherry tree was planted

my first ever Foxglove
(not that I haven't tried before)
isn't she gorgeous!

and my first ever Lily of the Valley!
(again, not that I haven't tried!)
I know she is puny,
but I think she's adorable!

a mosaic showing some of the
plants that are blooming in front

Starting clockwise from the left:
Lavender, Tulips, Chives, Cranesbill,
Sweet William,  Lavender
center is a Pelargonium.

I think my neighbors thought I was crazy
when I disposed of the lawn.
I like to think they understand now,
especially since it's filling in.
it will continue to evolve as gardens do.


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