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Monday, May 3, 2010

California's Largest Yard Sale and more

What a great weekend!
Hope you have a successful Treasure Hunt too!

Please join these ladies wonderful parties!

Linda for Nifty Thrifty Tuesdays at Coastal Charm 
Diane for 2nd Time Around at A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Suzanne for Vintage Thingie Thursday at Coloradolady

Last Saturday was the annual "California's Largest Yard Sale"
It's put on each year by the local radio staions at Downey High School In Modesto, CA (of American Graffitti fame)

Well over 100 vendors to peruse.
I was really excited becasue even though this is it's 5th year,
it was my first time attending

just about anything you can imagine...

is there.

And yes I found Treasure!!!

Like new cotton rug (background) ($1)
enamelware colander ($1)
vintage Hershey box with vintage puzzle inside (.25)
unknown if the puzzle is complete,
doesn't matter to me..great for altered art
I actually bought it for the box! LOL
2 containers of mini ball ornamnets (.50 ea)
I keep finding these and buying them :p
cheese dome ($2)
vintage bird cage feeder and canle (.25 ea)
and a vintage cast iron ????
OK anyone know what kind fo pan this is??
round cupped sections to cook??

3 blue bottles ($1 ea)
to start my bottle tree ☺
small wooden tray (.50)
oval frame (.75)
pink glass creamer ($2)
pink and faux fur pouch/coin purse/clutch (.10)

vintage painted framed cloth ($5)
wall basket (.50)
faux lemons, pears, cherries (.75 all)
2 pins ($1. ea) for my daughter
vintage rhinestone bracelet, no missing stones ($3) 

and the best of all....
a reptile cage!

On the last row I turned just right and
saw a corner of this poking out from under a bunch of stuff. 

Perfect for my daughter's Ball Python.
He has outgrown his current cage.
Wire covered ventilation holes in the back,
attached light with protective cover on the ceiling,
with a nice secure door.
I held my breath as I asked how much it was...
when he said $40.00
I calmly said "I'll take it"
Meanwhile I was jumping up and down inside!
I really expected him to say twice that amount if not more.
Cages like this, even though handmade, bring a pretty penny.

When we got back in town I headed for the Garden Club's yard sale.
It was about noon so thought they would still be going strong.

They were packing up as I parked!
We got out anyway,
they said we could look through the boxes
and everything was half off.
So we did!

Found these 3 decanters ($1.25 ea)
they will head to my eBay store. 

a brown bag full of old patterns (.50) eBay too
a lamp shade (.25)
old jar (.25)
coffee can of silica gel (.25)
7 bunches of millinery flowers (.25 ea) 

and of course a few plants...

a couple of peach Cannas poking up in the brown pot
and some little succulents
(.10 ea)

My oldest son has started a veggie garden so I picked up the only veggies they had left..
a tomato (.50)
horseradish (.50)

Wish I could have been in both places at once!

It looked like the Garden Club's sale would have been great too,
maybe next year.


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