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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trials and Tribluations of Being a Pet Owner

I wanted to mention this to any of you who have pets
as something to watch for.

Yesterday our Siamese mix, Baylee,
had surgery to remove a tumor.
It was on her left shoulder muscle and
was from receiving vaccines over the years.
Vets no longer give vaccines in this area
due to the possiblity of this happening.
And unfortunatly these turn into Sarcoma Tumors.

A large section from two of her shoulders muscles were removed,
along with whatever it is that holds the muscles in place.
Since there is alot of blood flow to muscles,
they will heal quickly and grow.

Her lab work came back to show that she has Hyperthyroidism,
which explains her Pancreatitis, weight loss
and elevated white count.

She also had two broken teeth removed while under.

Needless to say, she was sent home with lots of meds
and instructions.
Meds for the Thyroid, nausea, 2 pain medications,
and antibiotics.
Lactated Ringers was also sent as well as a saline solution.
Her catheter was left in so as to be able to
administer the Ringers followed by the saline twice a day.

She is not a happy camper, to say the least. 
She would leave her stitiches alone so she had to get and E collar.

Her cath comes out on Friday.
I'll find out about her stitches at that time,
along with the results from the tumor...
whether they think they got it all or not.
In a perfect world she would have radiation,
but my world is not perfect.

She is 14 years old so hopefully this won't be an issue
for her remaining years.  

She had a rough night but will improve as time goes on.


  1. poor sweetie, her little face looks like my kitties face....the cone, poor baby!!!

  2. Deb thank your for this info and post. Poor Baby. My Charlie had surgery last fall for a huge growth also on his shoulder muscle. He was lucky and they got it all and we have chosen to not have any other treatment at this time. He healed up and is like new again. He also had the collar since he would not leave his stitches alone. His was so large with fingers that his whole side was shaved and he had a huge incision. I just feel lucky I could afford this surgery for him. Hoping all will be well for you and Baylee.

  3. Poor thing, she looks like she's had a rough go of it. And that collar makes them look really pitiful. My dog has had two major surgeries over the last three years, and had to spend weeks with the collar. It’s so hard for them. I hope her recovery goes well, and fast.

  4. Oh poor lil' thing! I'll inform my pet owner family and friends. Thanks for sharing the info.

  5. Oh Poor Puss!! That is so Terrible! Hope she feels better soon! You have your hands full. Thanks for the heads up. I had a cat that was diabetic and had to give her shots 2 x a day. I was always worried about giving her the shots in the same area. I would always try and lightly message the area. Thankfully after we got her under control she was able to be maintained with the DM food. We were lucky. Hope your Baby feels better real soon!
    If you ever get a chance come visit my babies @ My Garden Cottage. Like I said, Thanks for the heads up:)

  6. She is so beautiful. will be saying a prayer...Your such a loving mama!

  7. Oh that poor kitty... I just hate to see animals in pain. Hopefully, all her surgery will come back with good results. My brother had a dog that went through some of the same things here with a tumor on it's shoulder like that. ((HUGS)) and praying for a fast recovery.

  8. Thanks for stopping by My Garden Cottage & for "Following" along with all the furbabies:) Hope your babie is doing better today :)

  9. Oh no how terrible...This post makes me want to cry poor baby...she has really had a rough time of it. I can't imagine what she must be thinking...
    Hope she gets better really soon.
    Also thank you for my get well wishes...I really appreciate you stopping by and wishing me well.
    Love Maggie


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