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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trials and Tribluations of Being a Pet Owner

I wanted to mention this to any of you who have pets
as something to watch for.

Yesterday our Siamese mix, Baylee,
had surgery to remove a tumor.
It was on her left shoulder muscle and
was from receiving vaccines over the years.
Vets no longer give vaccines in this area
due to the possiblity of this happening.
And unfortunatly these turn into Sarcoma Tumors.

A large section from two of her shoulders muscles were removed,
along with whatever it is that holds the muscles in place.
Since there is alot of blood flow to muscles,
they will heal quickly and grow.

Her lab work came back to show that she has Hyperthyroidism,
which explains her Pancreatitis, weight loss
and elevated white count.

She also had two broken teeth removed while under.

Needless to say, she was sent home with lots of meds
and instructions.
Meds for the Thyroid, nausea, 2 pain medications,
and antibiotics.
Lactated Ringers was also sent as well as a saline solution.
Her catheter was left in so as to be able to
administer the Ringers followed by the saline twice a day.

She is not a happy camper, to say the least. 
She would leave her stitiches alone so she had to get and E collar.

Her cath comes out on Friday.
I'll find out about her stitches at that time,
along with the results from the tumor...
whether they think they got it all or not.
In a perfect world she would have radiation,
but my world is not perfect.

She is 14 years old so hopefully this won't be an issue
for her remaining years.  

She had a rough night but will improve as time goes on.


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