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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Sea of Tears.......

It's time to Flaunt Your Flowers over at  Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday!
Be sure to stop over and see everyone's Blooms :)

My Iris' are in bloom. I bought a box of rhizomes at a church sale last year. I didn't know what colors they would turn out to be...let's just say I'm pleased!
Such a variety.

These were from my Mom's garden...

My Cecil Brunner is also in full bloom.
These climbers don't have as strong a fragrance as Mom's bush type.
Kinda disappointing. But they look pretty.

The garden is loving this weather we are having.
A few sunny days of 70's then a few rainy days of 60's.
I have to say I am too ;)

But the Baby Tears the MOST!
It seems to be engulfing everything in it's path! LOL

Froggie in a sea of Baby Tears..

Fairy knee deep....

this little Angel is almost down for the count!
There are two others in there some where...

As soon as the hotter weather hits,
the Baby Tears will retreat
to only the shaded areas of the garden. :(

Last weekend I hit a yard sale and picked up a couple of plants.

A really pretty pink Columbine and another one I didn't recognize.
It had such pretty blue flowers I had to pick it up.
I've discovered it closes it's blooms at night.

There was a bit of communication problem
so I wasn't able to ask the seller it's name.

But I think Carla from A Mellow Life  has correctly ID'd
it as Blue Eyed Grass. Thanks Carla!   

 I know this post has been pretty long and
probably has way to many pictures in it
I have one last photo for you....

my blooming chair :)
Honeysuckle engulfs the base as
Petunia and Verbenna
take over the seat.
Love the scent of Honeysuckle. 

Ok, now get out in your gardens and enjoy Springtime!


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