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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Old West

On with our continuing saga of the Ag Museum.

The Proprietor has built all the buildings here himself,
including this facade of old west store fronts. 

Now a Killer Whale doesn't belong in the Old West,
but this one is really cool.
 Originally a pontoon thingy, turned Killer Whale.

Ok Back to the Old West.
Cute, huh?

There is even a working Blacksmith Shop.

Take a gander at that gorgeous newel post on the left of the entrance!

Everything a Smithy could want...

Look at the size of that Bellows!!

There's something to look at in every square inch...

Even the rafters...

So much eye candy for us junkers ;~)

see the horse collar hanging upside down in the center off the picture?
I currently have one and am trying to decide what to do with it.
Any suggestions?

On the farm we had several of these scales..

Now that's a Newel Post!

More goodies around the perimeter of the Shop..
Loving those old trunks!

I think maybe that huge Newel Post
and this huge Coffee Pot belonged to Paul Bunyan..

My Uncles used Separaters like this
on their Dairy Farm in the Livermore Hills.

I'm enjoying this all over again looking at these photos.
A few more and we'll finally be finished.
So many memories are evoked seeing these things,
it warms my heart.


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