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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Boot Decoration

Hey, remember these cute little boots
I found during this Treasure Hunt?

They have been turned into Holiday Door Greeters!

One, sports a bundle of Holiday Berries,
stained Cheesecloth Bow, Jingle Bells,
and a dusting of Snow (Mica Flakes) 

It can be hung,

But also can stand on it's own

The other dons Poinsettias with a small Nutcracker.
A red velvet bow adds punch.


  1. They are both so cute! You are really creative, they have that old fashioned look to them. My favorite style of Christmas decor.

  2. Boy those turned out really cute! To answer your Bilbergia question...I keep mine under an oak tree all year long, water occasionally and transplant when it needs. it. Thanks for visiting my blog...

  3. How cute are these and so creative. I love them.
    Just found you tonight and glad I did.
    I started two weeks ago posting bloggers on Mondays that sell their crafts. You might want to join. Its free

  4. Cute...Cute...Cute!!!! What a clever idea! Hope you have a FUN weekend.


  5. What a cute idea to use old boots! I just love the red berries and snow/glitter on the toes! So pretty! Great post. Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  6. Oh you clever girl you! Those are so adorable! A great alternative to a wreath.

  7. Welcome to the Vintage Christmas Monday blog party. I have added you to the list. I see you already have the button up on your sidebar. I look forward to your first post. xo Joan


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