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Friday, December 4, 2009

Fertilizer Friday! 12/04/09

Geesh, I've been so busy I've missed the last two Fertilizer Firdays!
Tis the season for a hustling and a bustling!
But I'm here today :~)
Aren't ya glad? LOL

I wandered about my yards and did find a few blooms on  plants that just won't give in the winter.

Feverfew reseeds itself pretty freely. One year my garden was covered with it. I since keep it in check. But love to see where it pops up at.

Alysium is the same way. Love the purple!

My little Lemon is full of buds.
Hoping it is able to keep them so I get a first Lemon this year.

Calendula dosen't mind the cold, very hardy.

A Wild Rose keeps on keeping on...

And last but not least a perfect bud.

Be sure to stop by Tootsie Time and see everyones Flowers.


  1. Lovely, I started some Calendula from seed and now they are showing some buds, (posted it today).. I hope they do well it's my first time with them.

  2. You've really got some beautiful blooms going on there. Lucky you!

  3. I have feverfew blooming now too, I didn't know it would reseed, it's such a cute little flower. I hope you do get some lemons! I just brought mine in because it's below freezing here and I noticed buds starting.

  4. Beaitiful flowers - Calendula I've never seen it grown before - I love the scent! Saw your adorable Christmas boots too how clever and creative - would have never thought of that - just looking at those old boots!


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