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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Birds Not Raccoons

Thought I would post an update on the Raccoons.
I haven't "seen" them since Cyndar was attacked.
The only thing askew is a few rocks around the top of the waterfall.
But it doesn't appear they have actually entered the pond.

Sardines were placed in the trap but nothing has been touched. I think "if" they have been back they are very cautious. The surely aren't as bold as they were, thank goodness!
So, I think, between Cyndar, unavailable food, fishing line surrounding the pond and the motion activated sprinkler they haven't been back or if they have very little. It also has been pretty cold recently, so they may also be sleeping/staying warm in their hidey home...where ever that is.
But come Spring I need to be on my toes....I have a bad feeling there my be little ones they'll need to feed.

It's kind of funny...
the backyard seems to be taken back.

The birds have returned in full force.

Loads of singing and chirping has been taking place.

I think they feel more at peace now without the coons too.

Yes, they are much more comfortable now.

They love to scrounge for bits/bugs under the leaves 

The Goldfinches love Niger Seed

The House Finches love the Millet

and Canary Seed

Once again the yard is full of welcome visitors!


  1. mean little things!!!! they look cute but I guess they are not!

  2. Hey yep still alive and kickin, yes I still have the boardwalk sign if you want it you could either send a money order or o a paypal or something just let me know!

  3. They are so lovely and lucky to have you keeping them full all winter long!
    Sandra Evertson

  4. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. I loved stopping by and enjoying these


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