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Friday, June 5, 2009

Remembering When.....

I remember playing out side pushing a baby doll in a pink Taylor Tot...I always wondered why they were called that...anyway, it had belonged to my older Sister, then passed own to me.

My Sister is 10 years older than I am so by the time I was old enought to actually play with this Taylor Tot, she was very well on to other things.

Now being raised on a farm, dolls went the wayside for more "interactive" play things.
That's right, more than my dolls got to be pushed by me =)
Let's see.....each of the barn cats took turns, a chicken or two, maybe even a duck now & again.
Oh, and can't forget our rooster!
Alfredo rode in style, bumping along our gravel lane.
Some were more willing than others.
As I got older I gave then "seatbelts".
Wish I knew what seatbelts were back then,
I could've patented them & made a fortune LOL ;)

Well, the time has come for that olde Taylor Tot to find a new home.
Maybe someone will revive it with new paint,
maybe it will get to retire & be on display
or maybe it will make new memories for a child.


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