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Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

With Spring right around the corner I've started my Spring Cleaning.
Why you ask, have you started before Spring arrives?
So when the weather gets nice I can get out into the garden & play!!
I'm cleaning section by section...the only way I can do it with this
crazy busy life I have.
Anyway, I was thinking of sharing a few of the vignettes around my home. I know I like to took at others homes...does that make me noisy??
I hope not, just curious to see how others do their decorating. Maybe pick up an idea or two ;)
This is my entryway.
I have several old photos along with newer ones. The one in the center is my Mother when she was Queen of the Holy Ghost, a Portuguese Celebration.
My Grandmother made that dress by hand...amazing!

The wall opposite has a vintage radio/turntable console that belonged to my husband's Grandmother. I found the mirror burried in my parent's garage and it fit beautifully. The old round frame, that is hanging from the mirror, I found & fell in love with at an estate sale. There are several items close to my heart on top. The glass case on the left holds vintage eye glasses from my Grandmother. Inside the dome is a pocket watch that has been handed down to my husband from his father, who received it from his father. Don't you love that trifold mirror? I found that at a yard sale for $3.00!! I was so excited. My postcard collection fills the basket to overflowing ;)
I found so many treasures while clearing my parent's farm that I wanted to display, but didn't know where to. Our home isn't that big, so I had to come up with some creative ideas.
I decided to make a collage ontop of the radio then cover it with glass...need to keep it easy to clean ;)
I placed one of my Mother's embroidered table cloths on top. I added pictures of both sides of my Grandparents & my parents.
The gloves were handcrocheted by my Grandmother, gorgeous aren't they? She was a very talented lady and I miss her dearly. There is also a vintage lace scarf and other vintage textiles.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy sharring with you.
Enjoy your weekend!!


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