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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Our New Fence Is UP!!

Our fence on the left side of the yard had become somewhat of a patchwork. With renters ( I have nothing against renters! I was one for 20 yrs!) moving in and out on a regular basis it's been a conglomeration of dogs. Lovely dogs, small dogs, and angry dogs. 
At one point there was a pair of pit bulls that would chew through the fence to come into my backyard. Chase and bite my Chihuahua and Bassett.
They even jumped in the pond and chased the fish.
Since the owner or renter weren't going to fix the fence, I went the way of patching board holes with whatever I could get my hands on. The kids decided they were going to remove their closet doors - so those doors went to work covering holes. Pieces of plywood, cupboard doors I found along the road worked pretty good too! LOL
When on a tight budget, you use what you can.

The rental house caught fire by someone falling asleep with a lit cigarette. The owner then sold it. The new owners took about a year to get the inside remodeled. Then we all put up a NEW fence! Miracles do happen!!

Prior to the new fence, a nasty storm came through one year and a whole section fell over. I managed to get it back upright, only to realize I was on the wrong side of the fence! Had to pull it down, climb back into my yard and hoist it up again!  The wind was howling, rain was hitting hard, I was out in it with baling wire tying what 4x4's were left together!

We pounded in fence stakes and out came the baling wire again to attach them to the fence.
I didn't have the funds to pay for a whole new fence by myself. 

Luckily the new owners and I shared the costs. 

The new owners put a new fence in all the way around their backyard.

Everyone's dogs had quite a large "backyard" to roam when just the 4x4's were in!

A nice sturdy fence at last!

Some of what I had found and used on those holes!

One Dove approved

Nope, 2 Doves approved!! LOL

Glad my Eurasian Doves are happy.
They have lived in my backyard for years and raised tons of babies!!
Love to wake up to their soft cooing ♥

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