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Friday, July 21, 2017

Hormones and Essential Oils

When applying topically for balancing hormones, 
apply to the inside ankle bones, 
the wrists, and back of neck. 

If you are using the essential oils to assist with cramping, etc...
you can apply directly to the area that's hurting.

When using the oils for Thyroid support, 
you can take them internally, diffuse them, 
as well as apply topically to the thyroid. 
(I do this every morning to assist my Hypothyroidism)

When using oils to assist the Lymphatic system, you can add a carrier oil and then rub all over the body, 
making sure to push down and rub in the direction 
that you are trying to get movement 
(pushing excess fluid out or getting the body to move)

Make sure to add a carrier oil if worried about the heat of the oil (Basil, Fennel, for example)

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