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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Primitive Homespun Christmas Candy Canes

I ran into these plastic Candy Canes at Dollar Tree 
and my mind went to prim. 

Why is goes to primitive ornaments on certain things this time of year is beyond me.
But I digress...

6 in a package for $1 can't beat that!
I could see them in homespun hanging on an 'Olde Fashioned' Christmas Tree giving a vintage vibe, to die for!

Brought them home and began stripping fabric.
A good way to use up some of those odds and ends pieces!
These could as easily be done up in flowery cottage fabric for a whole different look.

I hot glued one end of fabric to the end of the candy cane 

and began wrapping is round and round until it was completely covered, being sure to keep the fabric taut. 

When reaching the end, hot glue into place toward bottom.

Trim off the excess fabric leaving enough to fold over to finish off the end with a dab of hot glue.
They are ready to hang on your tree, wreath or where ever you'd like. Of course, you can always embellish them.
Raffia, jute, rusty items, a bit of greenery, just about anything 

They make a cute little gift too.
I bundled a few together, tied with jute, 
then un-twisted the jute and made a bow.

Added a rusty jingle bell with a rusty safety pin
and there you have it.
Easy, quick and inexpensive!

Great little remembrance, teacher, hostess, postmaster, 
neighbor, favorite clerk, lab tech, the list goes on.

Here's a little shabby cottage one I made to show
 you one of the other many ways you can decorate these.

 A bit of pink trim leftover from another project, 

 white flower bead trim from a yard sale,
bead caps and tiny pink pearls from my stash. 
Let your inspiration flow and have fun making some!
Some of these made it into my Etsy Shop :)

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