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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Congratulations and Happy Early Birthday Brandon!!

A big CONGRATS to my oldest for receiving a Commemorative award for being with Rabobank for 5 years!

A key chain, his choice of gifts (nice ones too!) 

And a personalized book by bank officers, 
management and co-workers.
Very touching and funny remarks and associated pictures,
 to say the least.

An early celebration for Brandon's birthday was held yesterday. Why? Because little Brandon Joseph will be making his appearance on Nov. 4th and Brandon Ray's birthday is Nov. 10th. Tanya didn't figure a BIG 40 celebration would be in order that close after a c-section! Don't blame her!

A good time was had by all,
usually is when you get this crowd together :)

Just gonna throw in some photo's here,
burning daylight ~ rain has stopped and need to prep the yard for Winter. That's a novel concept in and of itself!
But I digress.....

A delicious lunch followed by opening of the gifts...

Tanya telling Sheri how she's going to 
pop LB threw the goal posts?

The piece de resistance ~
Star Wars Birthday Cake 

Love you Brandon!


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