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Monday, November 2, 2015

Last of the Summer Blooms and We're in the Paper

Just a glimpse of the end of Summer blooms
before I started pruning everything in site,
which I just finished up.

Took much longer than anticipated.
I had to go off my Mobic (anti-inflammatory)
for my torn rotator cuffs.
Labs didn't come back so favorable,
been on it for years. It was a Godsend.

It was helping more than my shoulders.
My whole body has aches and pains I never had before.
My fingers ache like crazy,
making it difficult for all my Christmas projects.

But I've just been pushing through,
what else are ya gonna do, it's gotta be done!
Enough of that, lets enjoy these last bloomers

Morning routine:

Feed dogs
Give Katie meds
Let Mama in front door
(she could go around back through dog door
but we seem to be the cats doormen at their beck and call)
This particular morning I got sidetracked
cleaning house and forgot to let her in.
A few hours later I opened the front blinds
and who is sitting in my window box?

I think she watched too many Mervyn's commercials...
'Open, open, open'

On another note:

Our town had a discount pet shot clinic
and our weekly paper photographer
was there for all the 'excitement'.

It just happened Mama was the only
 one that needed shots,
(all the rest had theirs in the Spring shot clinic).
Wouldn't you know Dean snapped one of M and I
and chose to place it in the paper.
Oh joy, we looked our best, NOT! LOL

Fun times in OUR little town.

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