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Friday, November 13, 2015

Grapes in November?

I'm happy to report I have completed
all my weeding and pruning!
As you can see I can even see my watering cans again!
They were covered by the neighbors Weeping Willow.
We had 3 major surgeries in the family with in 2 weeks,
 so priorities were majorly shifted.
Everyone came through with flying colors.
2 are still in the recovery process and will be for some time.
There is another surgery this month.
Praying this one will have the same outcome as the others.
These weeds no longer exist, Yay!

My last pile, finally...

Wouldn't you know as soon as I decide to finally cut down the remaining wild Sunflowers Goldfinches show up!
They're so quick and flighty I had a hard time catching photos of them. Not only did they blend in with the pile of pruning's but I couldn't get very close or they'd fly away. :-(


Back to pruning ~
One of the walkways before
Other side before

Gazebo before

Pruned as best as I could the neighbors Willow.
It no longer touches my roof.
If we get any major storms those large branches
I couldn't reach snap so easily. yikes
The walkways are cleaned up
and only needed to be raked
but we had a nice downpour for a couple of days
and wasn't able to get to do it.
Still need to get out there to rake leaves to top off
compost bed for the winter.
If I do, I do, if not oh well.
Enough rain to fill the birdbath!
We received almost an inch!
We need it so badly
My garden had such a big smile :-)
We've had sunny days since.

My Thompson Seedless is just a tad confused,
It has one long vine with baby grapes!!

And no I didn't miss pruning one.
We had our first light frost a couple of days ago.

C'mon Winter
I'm ready for you!
With the exception of raking the backyard,
I've got my succulents covered,
the Keets aviary winterized....
All is a go, wishing for a harsh and wet winter!


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