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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Garden in Flight ~ or Hop ~

Extremely busy is what this time of the year brings ~ yard work, housework, preparation for the Holidays ~ well, throw in medical issues and overload is bound to happen.
My head is ready to explode!
I keep waiting for that purple dust cloud like on the commercial
Several members of my family will be having surgeries with in 2 weeks with another a few weeks later. Surgeries stared last week, another this week then another the following. Throw in my son having kidney stones on top for good measure and this Mom is so behind if I start now I may catch up by next year!
My blog folder is full of photos full of good intent on posting, the time just slips away. 
SO I am hoping get some posts under my belt. They will probably be a little on the light side word wise ~ but I need to get these Summer photos outta here!! LOL
Scrub Jays dropping by for a bite to eat.
 Cracking seed on our "Skeksi" Pine

Hummers like guarding their feeder from the clothesline

Finally a Dove! 
Sometimes the Jays overrun them and scare them away :-(

One of our big red's dropped by but I was a fumbler that day and al I could get was a blurred shot that he even sat still for!

Time for a bath you dirty bird!!


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