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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Long Live the Cherry Tomato!

I finally found some time to make it outside to get a little more pruning done. Between the kids Specialists appointments it's usually busy enough but throw in PT for T and things get quite crazy. ....yes, we've even showed up at the wrong Drs. office!
But I digress...

I thought I'd work on the gazebo, yes again, or rather still
The Honeysuckle and Cecil Brunner hardly get any water due to the drought and it sure isn't bothering them any!
So I started cutting away and then couldn't believe my eyes!
My little Cherry Tomato

was climbing up and over the gazebo!
And it was full of tomatoes! 
Hey, hey, no judging!  LOL
Lately I barely step out the door to feed the dogs.

With all my helpers down everything falls to me.

I had been using one of my birdcages to
 help keep it off the ground.

But only had it climbed up where it was planted
 it went around the corner and there were more tomatoes.

Now that was just the outside of the gazebo,
It had gone inside too, lol.

 If you look really hard, you can see it's yellow flowers
all the way to the right at the top.
More red toms towards the bottom. 

Even more.

Crazy plant!
My Dad would be proud.
He had the ultimate veggie garden,
name a veggie and he grew it.
He made his Tomato Cages out of Sheep Fencing
and were about 8ft. tall.
His tomatoes filled them every year -
Early Girl, Big Boy, Better Boy, all his faves.

Mine may not have been Early Girl

she never really got started

neither did Big Boy

I'll stick to my all time fav - Sweet 100,
and remember the year she reached for the sky and made it!


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