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Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring!

Time is flying by!
Good thing I took the time to take a brief walk
through the garden this morning
 or I may have missed it! ;)

The Lilacs are starting to bloom :)

Lemon Balm has reseeded itself in various
places this year. Some just may make it
into my Etsy Shop when their a little bigger.

Cecil Brunner is about to explode with blooms.

Look who I found getting warm in the Sun,
 a HUGE Moth. A wonderful night time pollinator. 

Nectarine has lots of blooms this year, 
looking forward to some yummy fruit

Queens Tear blooming in foreground
and Forget-me-nots behind.

Ladder of watering cans,

with Lady Banks in bloom.

I usually keep the Oxalis under the bench,
well, not this year.  :/

My Pittosporum has sprouted a couple new plants!
Probably rooted branches prior to pruning.
Going to try to fit the larger on in the front garden,
 the smaller might make in into my shop. 

Succulents are even blooming!

Weeping Peach too. :)

White Alyssum has reseeded in the calf buckets, yay!

Cherry in full blooming majesty

I planted Strawberries in the wheel barrow
with lettuce in between them.

The messy deck still needs to be cleaned up from Winter.

Feeding time :)

A baby from my Sister's Koi,
not much of a baby any more!

One of the little guys T, M & C 
got me last year for my birthday.

The only original I have left
after the Raccoon raids.

There's more hiding, not as friendly as my originals,
but after what they've been through
can't blame them for staying in the shadows.

 So now go out and....


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