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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GBBC 2015 Overview

Once again participants from around the world set new records for the number of species identified during the four days of the Great Backyard Bird Count and for the number of checklists submitted.
Total checklists: 147,265 (up 3,156)
Total species: 5,090 (up 794)
Estimated participants: 143,941 (up 1,890)
White-crowned Sparrow  (juvenile)

Top 10 most frequently reported species
 (number of checklists reporting this species):
SpeciesNumber of Checklists
Northern Cardinal59,083
Dark-eyed Junco59,074
Mourning Dove48,313
Downy Woodpecker45,399
Blue Jay41,671
American Goldfinch39,880
House Finch39,241
Tufted Titmouse38,191
Black-capped Chickadee36,363
House Sparrow34,564
White-crowned Sparrow (male)

Top 10 states/provinces by checklists submitted
State/ProvinceNumber of SpeciesNumber of Checklists
New York1636,615
North Carolina2014,497

White-crowned Sparrow (male)

White-crowned Sparrow (female)

Sorry buddy, Parakeets don't count

Katie relaxing while I count

''Do I hear Something?''

''Yep, I think I do!''

Perimeter patrol

''What's that?''

''I'll tear through this fence, if necessary!"

''yeh, that's right, lil' ole me put them in their place.''
 '' I'm bad to the bone!''

Time to rest in the Sun

''Hey, she took care of them, I'm heading for the Sun''

White-crowned Sparrow (male)

White-crowned Sparrow (male)

White-crowned Sparrow (juvenile male)

White-crowned Sparrow (juvenile male)

White-crowned Sparrow (juvenile male)

White-crowned Sparrow (male)


Next Year Great Backyard Bird Count takes place
February 12-15, 2016


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