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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Doing the Rain Dance

YES, that is RAIN you see!
 We had a few nice storms that lasted about 3 weeks on and off.
We received a few inches of much needed rain...still not enough to help out with the drought but any amount is more than welcomed at this point!
The ground soaked it up, with that much needed
 fresh drink of rain water my gardens stood up straight.....
for a while at least.
High winds kicked in during and
after the storms came through.
 We heard a huge crash after dark one night 
and ran out back to see what it was.
All we could see were the ends of what looked
like a small branch from our neighbors
Weeping Willow hanging off the edge of the deck roof.
 The roof over our deck is metal and it makes
 things sound louder than they actually are.

Or so we thought at the time.
 The next morning revealed branches all over my yard.
 The one you see here hanging was a small branch
that landed on the deck roof.
 After T pulled it off I could see there was something
else still on the roof.
It turned out to be a much LARGER branch!
Luckily it was the deck roof and not the house roof.

After struggling for a bit, it was finally pulled off
and drug around to the street for Yard Waste pick up.

All I can say is I'm glad I got all my pruning done early.
We also fixed fence just in time prior to the storms.
We didn't lose ours, but some of our neighbors did.
Whew, glad it wasn't us, but feel so bad for my neighbors who lost several sections.
The rain has stopped and there doesn't seem to be any in the forecast. Just praying it returns, we still need a lot more.


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