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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wintery Cold Season Readiness

A New Blend just in time for Winter!
Whether doing a Fall Clean Up in the garden, raking leaves, shoveling snow or just those aches and pains that come with the Season, Amend+ is ready for to help you through it.

Amend+ is a high-strength, clear-colored warming blend with Birch and other essential oils to support muscle and joint pain relief.  With no added carrier oil, Amend+ is incredibly potent, allowing you to dilute it for your skin needs and preference.  It is designed for topical use and is not recommended for children, pregnant women or anyone who is allergic to aspirin products.
This week Amend+ was launched with an introductory low price for the Item of the Week deal!
You can check it out and order here
I know it sure helped me out. I did a major , and I mean MAJOR yard clean up and pruning this year. I discovered muscles I forgot I had! I'd come in from working, shower and add a few drops to my fingers and work it into the muscles and joints that were aching. A soothing warmth came over the area and I was able to relax and sleep at night.
My daughter has been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, with the change of Seasons and cooler weather, the pain is starting in her back and joints. She used to use another product but it has since for some reason, quit easing the pain.  Amend+ is helping her greatly. So greatly in fact she has reduced her pain pills. A BIG + !
Remember to use this link and enter DragonflyTreasure at check out for an added 10% discount. Every penny helps these days!Wishing you a warm and safe Winter Season


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